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Jul 19, 2018

Report of the 8th Research Project Meeting and the 4th Retreat in Urayasu.

The 8th research meeting and the 4th retreat of “Brain Protein Aging and Dementia Control” were held at Sunroute Plaza Tokyo on June 29 (Fri) and 30 (Sat), 2018. On the day of the meeting, the rainy season in Kanto area was just over and we could start the meeting in the fine weather!

First, Dr. Gen Sobue, leader of this program, made a few words, followed by Dr. Katsuhiko Mikoshiba, external evaluator. In the 8th research meeting, group leaders and their colleagues reported progresses of their research and their future prospects. Also, public offering researchers reported their research progress in the forms of flash talk and poster presentation. Other many researchers who had interest in our research filed also presented their research as poster. The poster session was very active and researchers enjoyed talking, discussing and exchanging their views about each research theme.

For the past 3 years, the retreat was very popular, and we were glad to finish the 4th retreat successfully on Friday, June 29.
This time, we invited Prof. Yadong Huang of UCSF and Prof. Hideyuki Okano of Keio University as speakers. All participants were glad to hear their talks, especially about their new concepts related to future directions of this field and cutting-edge research activities. Even after their talks, participants exchanged their views and information each other actively into the night.

One hundred seven researchers participated in the 8th research meeting and the 4th retreat for 2 days. We greatly appreciated your active participation, discussion and usual cooperation.

The 8th research project meeting and the 4th retreat photo libraryhere